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Out of print. Stay tuned! Out of print! Stay tuned! Out of print! Stay tuned!

HF Radio E-mail For "Idi-Yachts". A Guide For Setting Up and Using Wireless E-mail Through Ham/Marine SSB Radio, by Captain Marti Brown

What people are saying about HF Radio E-mail For "Idi-Yachts"....February 2004 Latitudes & Attitudes Magazine says, "...a well written and very informative book...written in simple terms even a boater can understand!"

November 2003 Steve Waterman, K4CJX, Winlink HAM radio E-mail administrator says, "....EXCELLENT material for cruising communications, including detailed 'HOW  TO' information on setting up a cruising Winlink 2000 station... A "must have" for newbies."

This book includes information on everything you need to send and receive E-mail through an HF (Ham and/or Marine Single Sideband) Radio. Setting up an HF radio E-mail system can be very intimidating and confusing. The author  simplifies the equipment selection process, equipment setup, service provider selection, software setup and all of the steps involved in sending and receiving E-mail and downloading weather products through your HF radio. Click here to view the table of contents.

The guide is written in easy to understand English as the author assumes that you are not an electrical engineer! Downloading weather reports, animated GRIB weather forecasts, FTP servers and troubleshooting your system are also covered. Spiral bound, 200 pages packed with information and INCLUDES A FREE CD ROM  LOADED WITH OVER 100 SOFTWARE, RADIO SOUND FILES AND INFORMATIONAL ARTICLES. Affordably priced at $29.95 USD!  

Click Here to purchase HF Radio E-mail For "Idi-Yachts" online or call to order: Phone 281-334-1174.  Note the book is currently out of print.


Features of HF Radio E-Mail For "Idi-Yachts"


  • Learn how to set up a Wireless HF Radio E-mail System!

  • Send and receive E-mail through your Ham/Marine SSB Radio!

  • Keep in touch with family & friends where there are no phones!

  • Learn about HF radios and Modems before you buy!

  • Compare features & benefits of HF E-mail service providers!

  • Access and use GRIB weather files!

  • Obtain timely weather and tropical cyclone reports!

  • Find equipment and installation help worldwide!


  • Listen to and learn what HF Radio E-mail transmissions sound like!

  • Troubleshoot your HF radio system!

  • Worldwide Radio Fax stations and frequencies!

  • Free GRIB weather readers and more software!


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